Education And Training

To be effective in our industry, continual training and education are key. Constantly changing and improving lens and coating technologies are great for the patient and your practice but these changes can easily lead to an information gap.

Our mission is to help you and your staff stay as informed as possible about the products and services available... and to be here for you when a question arises. Our sales staff can perform training in your office and personalize to needs of your staff. We regularly offer seminars and education days at the lab so we can pass on larger blocks of information than in-office training allows.

Don't forget to use our Resource Library where you can find product literature and sales brochures that will help with day-to-day questions.

  • In office product & dispensing training available
  • Seminars and Education Days
  • ABO Certified speakers/trainers on staff
  • Knowledgeable customer service for more immediate needs