New Products

New Eyezen™ Start Lenses

02-03-2020 These new lenses for single vision wearers adds DualOptim™ technology which provides relief for eye fatigue resulting from use of digital devices. By taking into account the gaze direction of the wearer, the DualOptim™ design uses two optimization points to deliver two different aspheric surfaces for far and near vision. Patients get the right prescription they need for today’s digital lifestyle demands. See the attached brochure and the Eyezen folder in our Document Center for more information.


07-02-2019 Essilor of America is excited to announce the launch of Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™. This new generation of Transitions Signature lenses were developed using a fully reinvented system with breakthrough technology, delivering a new frontier of performance with a disruptive nano-composite matrix and a NEW ultra-agile dye generation. Benefits include: Full clear indoors. No tint indoors, just clear lenses; Even darker outdoors; Darker than Transitions Signature VII, offering even more protection. Faster activation and fade back to clear. The first wave of products launched on July 10, 2019, and includes standard plastic 1.50, Airwear® Polycarbonate, and Thin&Lite® 1.67 in gray, brown and some graphite green availability. Full availability attached.


07-31-2019 Transitions® Signature® Style Colors and Transitions® XTRActive® Style Mirrors™ open the door to a new, fashion-conscious wearer, who wants to create a unique, personalized look with their lenses and frames while still helping to protect their eyes from UV and Harmful Blue Light.* Visit our Transitions folder in our Document Center for more information.